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RT: 64% of Europeans support Basic Income

RT: Most Europeans support the idea of a “basic income” paid to every individual to cover their basic needs, according to the first EU-wide survey on the subject. Governments would pay the same amount of money to each person, regardless of whether they work.

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How To Develop Systems Thinkers

How do NASA’s systems engineers develop the skills they need to think effectively about the complex systems they develop? How do people outside formal systems-engineering roles improve their ability to see connections across subsystem and organizational boundaries? What can NASA management do to facilitate the development of systems thinkers in its workforce? A collaboration between NASA and a university research group addressed these challenging questions.


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Using Systems Thinking when developing Policy

Global policymakers and strategic planners face difficult choices—for example, what future energy sources will power cities, businesses, and transport systems? Is it possible to sustain economic growth and avoid major disruptions or ecological impacts? Our premise is that the effective pursuit of global sustainability requires a systems approach to the de-velopment of policies and intervention strategies. Absent a full understanding of system implications, there is a risk of unintended consequences; for in-stance, adoption of innovative technologies based on renewable resources (such as bio-based fuels) may have hidden adverse side effects upon agricultural productivity.


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