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The End of Work

Zero Hedge: Many activists are clamoring for a higher minimum wage. That’s an admirable goal, but is that where the worst problem is? Even at the abysmally low wages of the present moment, we still have 938,000 people being turned away from McDonald’s because there aren’t enough McJobs. The real problem is the lack of meaningful work.In a world of machines and social alienation, meaningful work is as scarce as water in the drought-stricken California Central Valley.

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Using Systems Thinking when developing Policy

Global policymakers and strategic planners face difficult choices—for example, what future energy sources will power cities, businesses, and transport systems? Is it possible to sustain economic growth and avoid major disruptions or ecological impacts? Our premise is that the effective pursuit of global sustainability requires a systems approach to the de-velopment of policies and intervention strategies. Absent a full understanding of system implications, there is a risk of unintended consequences; for in-stance, adoption of innovative technologies based on renewable resources (such as bio-based fuels) may have hidden adverse side effects upon agricultural productivity.


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