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Commodities Derivatives Cornered by Citi and JP Morgan Chase – what’s up?

Zero Hedge:¬†One week ago, when we scoured through the latest OCC quarterly derivative report (in which we find that the top FDIC insured 4 US banks continue to account for over 90%, or $185.5 trillion of all outstanding derivatives which as of March 31 amounted to $203 trillion; nothing new here), we found something fascinating: based on the OCC’s derivative update, JPM had literally cornered the commodity derivatives complex, when from “just” $226 billion in total Commodity exposure, JPM’s notional soared by 1,690% in one quarter to $4 trillion, or about 96% of total.

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Derivatives explained in a way your Mother can understand

Derivatives are complex financial instruments that have leveraged the underlying economy to the hilt. This excellent visual depiction of the derivatives holdings of some of the largest banks will open your eyes and make your head spin.


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