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Paul Craig Roberts Interview

Absolutely insightful — one of the best minds around reviews the current world situation.

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Air Force Veteran Discloses Compelling UFO Info

My sense is that this Lt. Col French probably got ‘sign off’ from the military to go to the media with this revelation (you can also check out this story in The Huffington Post).   What is going on? Having perused quite a lot of both alternative and mainstream news, my only conclusion is that we are witnessing a massive behind-the-scenes battle on a variety of fronts, including within the military/intelligence agencies. The prize: what kind of planet we live in and who is in control.  The bottom line is American influence is waning and we will not be the post WWII Empire we once were.  As more cracks in the Old Guard occur, information regarding a variety of issues will continue to be released. Eventually we will need Truth and Reconciliation committees to sift through all the dis-information we’ve been fed over the past sixty years, of which UFOs are a key part.

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Living in Cars: Poverty in America

From a recent 60 minutes segment. Heart wrenching but hopeful.


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Sidewalk Art Apparently Dangerous

Riot police formed skirmish lines in the streets of downtown Los Angeles Thursday night in response to what appeared to be a demonstration over the right to draw with chalk.


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Steve Keen: Debt Jubilee Necessary

Debt Forgiveness is one of the key elements in a Framework for Peace discussed in my book A World Without War. Keen also proposes, as also outlined in the Framework, a ‘systemic approach’ that lends credibility to using Systems Thinking to determine how the Jubilee is implemented. The bottom line: An intelligent, modern Debt Jubilee using a systemic approach.

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