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Getting off our Butts

This was a week that exemplified the historic moment in which we live.  We will look back at these times and see the seeds of a national revolt against concentrated wealth that puts profits ahead of people and the planet. Not only were there a wide array of resistance actions, but activists against the Guantanamo prison and drone strikes scored partial victories on which we must continue to build challenges to US empire and militarism.

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Occupy Wall Street: Forgive Debt

From CNN:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Occupy Wall Street, the protest movement launched to fight corporate greed and corruption, is now buying up peoples’ debts and forgiving them.


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Occupy Movement Anniversary


NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — It’s been one year since Occupy Wall Street began, when hundreds of protesters descended on the nation’s financial center and kicked off a nationwide social movement. Organizers plan to mark Monday’s anniversary, dubbed “S17,” with scores of events and demonstrations.


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Activists shut down Nuclear Facility

(Reuters) – The U.S. government’s only facility for handling, processing and storing weapons-grade uranium has been temporarily shut after anti-nuclear activists, including an 82-year-old nun, breached security fences, government officials said on Thursday.


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Sidewalk Art Apparently Dangerous

Riot police formed skirmish lines in the streets of downtown Los Angeles Thursday night in response to what appeared to be a demonstration over the right to draw with chalk.


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Steve Keen: Debt Jubilee Necessary

Debt Forgiveness is one of the key elements in a Framework for Peace discussed in my book A World Without War. Keen also proposes, as also outlined in the Framework, a ‘systemic approach’ that lends credibility to using Systems Thinking to determine how the Jubilee is implemented. The bottom line: An intelligent, modern Debt Jubilee using a systemic approach.

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‘Military-like response’ to Occupy

By staff and news services

Oakland police used “an overwhelming military-type response” to disperse Occupy Oakland demonstrators and fired at a former Marine and Iraq war veteran who was critically injured in the clashes in October, according to a report issued on Monday.

The federal court monitor tracking reforms in the Oakland Police Department came one day before anti-Wall Street protesters plan nationwide rallies on May 1, with Occupy Oakland demonstrators vowing to take over San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge.


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The Irony of it All

Does this want to make you scream?

Sotheby’s locks out its workers while selling Munch’s painting ‘The Scream’ for $80 million (link below).

Maybe we work toward a society more like portrayed by the Dalai Lama in the next post?

Maybe if we do the whole relationship between the rich, art and (in this case) the blantantly perverse and skewed notion of value will be rethought so we live in a society where Sotheby’s as we currently know it becomes obsolete, just as war should become obsolete?

And last but not least, is the Fed’s policy of ‘Quantitative Easing’ creating inflation in the art world by superheating the incomes of 1 percenters?

Questions for the 99%…

More on Sotheby’s…

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It Starts Today…

It all starts today…

Occupy Wall Street

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