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Paul Craig Roberts Interview

Absolutely insightful — one of the best minds around reviews the current world situation.

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Pope Francis calls for sweeping action on environment

New York Times: VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Thursday called for a radical transformation of politics, economics and individual lifestyles to confront environmental degradation and climate change, as his much-awaited papal encyclical blended a biting critique of consumerism and irresponsible development with a plea for swift and unified global action.

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Longing for Mayberry

With the situation in Ferguson and Iraq, I thought it would be a good idea to re-post this essay I wrote in 2007 (it reads like it could have been written yesterday).  This and other essays can be found in the book A World Without War.


BEFORE MAKING THE POINT HERE I must admit that I received three traffic-related tickets in the last three years in my home state of Maryland. The tickets came from a variety of policing agencies: state, county, municipal. I was required to take one day’s worth of driving school or face having my license suspended. I took a 40 question test and that was that, unless of course I get another round of tickets. To be sure, I’ve become a better driver as a result.

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Malala Advises Obama Against Use Of Drones

Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old shot by the Taliban for promoting girl’s education in her native Pakistan, confronted Obama at the White House on Friday about U.S. drone strikes.

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The Future of Propaganda

In 2009, Sean Gourley, an Oxford-trained physicist, gave a TED talk called “The Mathematics of War.” Gourley had been working with the Pentagon, the United Nations and the Iraqi Government to help them better understand the nature of the insurgency in Iraq, and in his presentation he announced something fairly striking: After analyzing the location, timing, death toll and weapons used in thousands of deadly incidents around the country, he and his small team had discovered that the violence actually had a consistent footprint. In other words, you could develop an equation that would predict the likelihood of an attack of a certain size happening at a certain time.

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Tomas Young’s Last Stand

(CNN) — Tomas Young’s life nearly ended nine years ago when he was riding in the back of a water truck in Baghdad’s Sadr City. Two rounds from a sniper’s AK-47 hit him; the first severed his spinal cord and the second shattered his left knee.


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Peace One Day

Over the last 10 years, Peace Day has been proved as an opportunity for life-saving activities and action by individuals worldwide. For Peace Day 21 September 2012, Peace One Day is calling for and working towards a day of ceasefire and non-violence - the Global Truce 2012 campaign. We hope that this will be the largest global reduction of violence ever recorded on one day – and the largest ever gathering of individuals in the name of peace.


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Green Party Platform

About the Green Party

The Green Party of the United States is a federation of state Green Parties. Committed to environmentalism, non-violence, social justice and grassroots organizing, Greens are renewing democracy without the support of corporate donors. Greens provide real solutions for real problems. Whether the issue is universal health care, corporate globalization, alternative energy, election reform or decent, living wages for workers, Greens have the courage and independence necessary to take on the powerful corporate interests. The Federal Elections Commission recognizes the Green Party of the United States as the official Green Party National Committee. We are partners with the European Federation of Green Parties and the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas.

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