This blog will chronicle issues central to creating a peaceful, prosperous and fair world.  Many of these issues relate to ideas discussed in the book A WORLD WITHOUT WAR and outlined in A Framework for Peace and Justice.

A WORLD WITHOUT WAR is a compilation of essays written since 2000 by activist producer and playwright Don Thompson (Tibet in Song, Democracy: A Work in Progress, Tibet Does Not Exist, Clouds, L.A. Book of the Dead). Written for popular webzines such as The Potomac Journal (ed. Michael Neff) and SolPix, the essays chronicle important political and cultural issues and trends post 9/11 — all with Thompson’s unique and independent perspective that often puts a completely new spin on familiar topics. Displaying a combination of wit, compassion and insight, the author leads you through a series of ideas drawn from philosophy, history, the arts, new media, business and technology — all weaved into a cultural critique whose basic premise is that we need to shape a different world, a better world, A WORLD WITHOUT WAR.

Read what people have said about the work of D.R. Thompson.

D.R. Thompson is a producer/filmmaker, playwright and essayist. Thompson’s film projects have won multiple awards at festivals such as Sundance, Movies that Matter, Cinema for Peace, New York Indie, and many others. His plays have been staged coast-to-coast and lauded by The New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post and others. Your Life Is A Movie (Del Sol Press, 2006), an anthology of film and media essays that Thompson co-edited with Filmmaker Magazine’s Nicholas Rombes, features well-known writers such as Todd Gitlin, Eric Alterman, Ray Carney and Patricia Ducey. Thompson continues to develop and produce humanitarian-themed documentary and feature films through his production company nextPix.

Email: info@nextpix.com

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