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Citizen Hearing On Disclosure

Are we alone in the universe? Could UFO sightings actually be extraterrestrial spacecraft?

We ask these questions every day, especially on HuffPost Weird News, but now, four former lawmakers are about to open up the discussion to a congressional-style grilling.

More on Huff Post here.

CHD website is here.

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Tomas Young’s Last Stand

(CNN) — Tomas Young’s life nearly ended nine years ago when he was riding in the back of a water truck in Baghdad’s Sadr City. Two rounds from a sniper’s AK-47 hit him; the first severed his spinal cord and the second shattered his left knee.


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Offshore Accounts Revealed by ICIJ

The secret records obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists lay bare the names behind covert companies and private trusts in the British Virgin Islands, the Cook Islands and other offshore hideaways.


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