Time for Exopolitics?

Selected by ESCENE for ‘Best of Journals’ on the web:

…probably the most important, and salient, impact of the web on viral public opinion shaping may be the UFO phenomena. An entirely new intellectual discipline, called Exopolitics (the political implications of Extraterrestrial presence), has evolved and begun to turn the litany of UFO ‘sightings’ and whistleblower testimony into a rational – albeit radical – world view. When I say ‘rational’ I mean that there is a framework that is quickly developing that pieces together many conspiratorial threads in such a way to create a narrative that may, over time, replace what one might call the Walter Conkrite world view that existed from the end of WW II through 2001 (i.e., 9/11)…


This and other essays included in D.R. Thompson’s book A WORLD WITHOUT WAR.

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